A room with concrete blocks


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For the young couple, we renovated an apartment building that was built in the 1970s. Removed walls and separated gently between public and private by independent wall.

It is generally difficult to construct a dencer wall with apartment renovation. So we adopted the wall of concrete blocks consisting of primitive stacking acts. The wall which combines structure and finish has a texture and a sense of weight not to be defeated by the concrete building. Although it is inexpensive general building materials, by polishing their surfaces and stacking them at thin joint, they were refined and contrasted with concrete frames.

The weight feeling of the concrete block becomes the psychological distance, leading to a sense of security in the private space.

所在地:大阪府 用途:住宅 構造:RC造 延べ面積:53.29m2 照明計画:DAIKO 石堂伸悟 撮影:笹の倉舎 笹倉洋平

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